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lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Charla con Micke Spreitz (Ronald Nierdermann)

10:13 Yo micke,are you the really micke spreitz?
10:13 Micke Hahaha YES! :9
10:13 Yo really?  i dont think so
10:14 Micke Haha YES! How can I prove it?
10:14 Yo mmm i dont know im a very fan of millenium and if you tell me you are i trust you
10:19 Micke Good
10:19 Yo but tell me what is the name
10:19 Micke Look at my pictures,there are som from the film
10:19 Yo of your caracter in millenium
10:20 Micke ronald niederman
10:20 Yo okok i trust you ok i love your action simply fantastic
10:20 Micke Thank you very much
10:20 Yo with noomi the best of the film
10:21 Micke Is it big in Spain?
10:21 Yo yes i end
10:21 Micke Cool
10:21 Yo the millenium serie to spain so we can see it and the films are big seen a fenomenom
10:21 Micke cool
10:21 Yo and if io tell you i cant imagin a ronald nierderman that not you
10:22 Micke Wow you are kind
10:22 Yo not its true you play it so well and i love the films so you are so scary
10:23 Micke I have to take my breakfast now. Nice talking to you.THANK YOU VARY MUCH
10:23 Yo being ronald jejeje okk thnaks micke
10:31Micke está desconectado/a

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